Destination Wedding and the Budget

Beautiful scenic setting for a Destination Wedding

Beautiful scenic setting for a Destination Wedding

Wedding budgets
It surely comes down to the budget whether you decide on a destination wedding or a wedding at a wedding venue in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK. However, before you reject a destination wedding as being too expensive do some calculations first. You would be surprised that the cost could be less if you tied the knot on a Thai beach rather than in the nearby five star hotel.

Not only could it cost less but you could also find that you get a lot more fun for your bucks. Your very expensive home town wedding could cost you in the region of £20 000. and it’s over in a few hours.

You probably won’t even have time to taste your own cake or sip a glass of champagne as your time is spent meeting and greeting your guests. Everybody wants a tiny slice of the bridal couple’s time. You end up having no time of your own to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

Destination weddings offer more
Your destination wedding could very well cost less and allow you to have a party and enjoy fun activities over a few days. Traditional weddings are very structured with little movement from the beaten path. A destination wedding on the other hand can be a party with a variety of activities spread over several days. You would have a lot more enjoyment from your money in this way.

This is particularly important for couples who are paying for their own event. Times were different when parents had the task of footing the bill. When it didn’t come out of your own back pocket it didn’t really matter what the event gave back to you. You had a show off glamour moment for your wedding dress for the bride and a bad speech by the groom for his moment in the sun.

Now that many couples are paying themselves the choice of where your wedding should be and what it should look like is in your hands.

Traditional weddings
The purpose of traditional weddings was to introduce the new Mr and Mrs to the community. This is where the idea of the reception came into the picture. Receiving the guests as newly weds and introducing them to society was the reason for all the festivity.

Spending a fortune on this concept is no longer practical. Most couples do not live in the same community they grew up in anymore. About 25% of women don’t even take on the Mrs title with their husband’s name. And parents are definitely not a major part of this reception idea anymore. In some cases couples marry so late that their parents and friends are not able to attend anymore.

Modern weddings
The modern wedding serves a totally different function. It is a celebration of a milestone or fun event for a couple. It is not about being introduced to society. They are already part of society. Whether they are now married or not is really an aside issue.

Having fun and enjoying activities and events with your friends and family could be the more important part of your wedding. Spending the money on a week-end away could be far more rewarding than the expensive afternoon reception.