4 Classic Wedding Traditions you can Break


Purple wedding dress. Image credit: ZM Fashions

Purple wedding dress. Image credit: ZM Fashions

Wedding Traditions that are being broken
Over the years weddings have accumulated untold rules and regulations that have become part of tradition. Never to be broken. In fact books have been written to ensure that you do not make any faux pax’s when organising your wedding.

But times are changing. Not only are the traditional bridal parties changing to include same sex, cross cultural, cross religious people but couples are no longer leaving their homes to marry and set up a new house with the now newly legal partner. Society is changing rapidly and it is therefore no wonder that some traditions will fall by the way.

The bride’s parents should pay all
It was tradition for the bride’s parents to pay for the celebration and a fair number of items over and above this cost. This rule is being broken regularly now. Many couples marry late in life when their parents might not actually be alive anymore or where they are retired and lacking resources to pay for a large wedding.

It’s far more common for couples to pay for their own wedding. Of course they happily accept all contributions that are offered but it is no longer the accepted tradition that the bride’s parents need to pay. Even if they are still alive. It is after all about control of the event. If parents pay they tend to want to dictate what happens and couples are far more happy to determine their own wedding now.

Brides must wear white
In reality throughout the ages brides have not necessarily worn white. It is therefore not a cast in stone tradition. Besides this white does not really mean virginal. White became a tradition through Queen Victoria who married in white satin. It was a mark of wealth rather as it was very difficult to keep clothes clean and therefore white was not something one chose unless one had a string of attendants available to clean.

As bride you can therefore decide on anything that you would feel comfortable and happy to wear. Why restrict yourself to white. Not everybody looks good in white. In any case how about a gown that you could possibly wear again to an opera or other festivity. Why restrict yourself to wearing an outfit that has one outing only at a huge cost. And don’t count on it that a daughter you might have might want to wear it to her wedding.

Guests can’t wear white
Tina Turner certainly turned this tradition upside down when she chose to wear a dark green gown and requested her guests wear white for the ladies and black for the men. Of course many a bride would prefer not to be upstaged by a guest who has a lovelier white gown to wear. Still why not wear cream or white to a wedding. Just don’t aim to shine more than the person whose special day it is.

The Mother of the Bride can’t host the Shower
Etiquette ruled that a bride’s immediate family should not arrange the bridal shower. This was to stop the immediate family from appearing self-serving and prevent them from raking in the gifts. It was meant to provide a more neutral event.

Now that couples plan their own weddings it is not unusual to get all family to contribute and to partake in all activities including the bridal showers. Now that parents don’t pay anymore they could end up feeling left out if not included. On top of that showers are really more a gathering event rather than a gift bearing occasion. Most bridal couples are already set up in their homes. Bridal showers were originally planned for brides moving from their family home into their own home for the first time. This hardly applies any longer. That is in the developed world.

Other traditions might also not last
As with all traditions society changes and what might be something you feel you need to do now could be something nobody would dream of doing in ten or twenty years time. So if there is anything you feel uncomfortable doing, a tradition that doesn’t quite fit your personality or style, then scrap it. Be your own tradition maker, be your own person. Your wedding does not depend on a bunch of traditions to make it perfect.

Creating your own Wedding Website

Create your own wedding website

Create your own wedding website

Your own wedding website
Whether celebrating your special day at a wedding venue in Yorkshire in the UK or elsewhere in the UK, one thing you might wish to do is set up your own wedding website. This will allow you to create a digital history of your special day with invitations, photos of yourself and your partner before the wedding and of course create an entire record of your special time.

Should I use a professional
If you have a good budget and can put aside between $750 to $1000 for a website you should consider using a professional. And yes your aunt twice removed has a nephew who can do this for you. Don’t.

Two reason why you shouldn’t use a relative or friend. One is that you have no idea how good it is going to end up and secondly it’s difficult to push for completion of a project if it is being done for a friend that is without paying for it. The same of course applies if you get somebody to do this for you for free or at a reduced cost.

Do your own if you want to save money
Rather do your own one. Set up a blog, put up a few pages and have a gallery for your images. It will be much less hassle and you get your website up on time. Visit any number of the large wedding portals and you will find they have either free or cheap templates for you to use. Or buy a theme from a WordPress theme website.

You will definitely want a WordPress theme as this will make the uploading of your content so much easier than if you have to fiddle around with HTML code. Not to be advised. In any case WordPress is free. However, you might have to pay a few dollars if you are looking to buy a prettier theme. But really, it’s not much and well affordable.

Domain name & hosting
There are two items you might need to pay for. Of course if you set up a blog on a site such as Tumblr or blog.com for instance you will not need to pay if you are prepared to have the word tumblr or blog in your domain name. In many cases if you are looking for a name such as traceyandcraig, or vanessaandwilliam you might be able to still get the name. In this way it costs you nothing.

For a small fee you can get your own domain name. Don’t be shy to try your names with .us or .info extension. You might be able to get traceyandcraig.us or vanessaandwilliam.us.

It will cost a few dollars to buy the domain name for the year. As a good idea see if you can’t buy your chosen name straight away for five years. That way you know you are not going to loose the site for those years and you don’t need to remember to renew it.

For your hosting go with Hostgator. In fact click on this Hostgator Link select the baby plan and it will give you an introductory discount if you are new to their hosting service. (Disclaimer: and we get to earn a tiny commission).

Start the process

Nothing is easier than to plan to do it and then you never set up your own wedding website. Do it for you, your friends and your family. This is a great way to share your special occasion with everybody. And the easiest way to get going is to start your blog. Share all your experiences. You never know, you might end up making a living with your blog, or a bit of extra income. It might just be the writing ‘job’ you have been dreaming of.

How to win at Wedding Planning

New York Public Library. Image credit: Gruber Photographers

Ultimate romantic Wedding Venue. New York Public Library. Image credit: Gruber Photographers

Everybody can do their Wedding Planning
Not used to planning a huge event such as a wedding? Join millions of other brides who have had to face the very same problem. At least you know you are not on your own! That’s hardly going to make the task easier for you. Just know for sure that it takes some good organisational skills, patience and a lot of revision. And never mind if you feel slightly overwhelmed at times. Everybody does.

So what to do?
First bit of advice. Get help if you can. Nothing makes life easier than another pair of hands. Even if that pair of hands is only around to provide sympathy for the mountain you have to climb, it nevertheless is some support.

But rather than just a person who groans with you when things get tough, find somebody really helpful to assist.

Help could be easy to find
For destination weddings help can be really easy to find once you have decided on your wedding venue you will find that the staff at your chosen venue will in all likelihood have excellent experience in helping you further with all arrangements that need to be done at the venue.

This could involve your flowers, photographer, videographer, ceremony officiant, dinner and dance arrangement and the list goes on. You will have help in deciding on table decoration, food and drinks menu and what time of the day to hold your event.

Where you might need help
On the other hand where you could end up requiring assistance with your wedding planning is when deciding on the venue, the time of year you might want to hold your event and the travel arrangements. These items could be a real problem for you.

There might be venues available that offer free accommodation if you book a wedding. What about the special flight deal if you book several seats and never mind the cheap deal and you end up heading over to your chosen venue during typhoon season.

Wonderful get away wedding venue.

Wonderful get away wedding venue.

Forgive yourself for making mistakes
Remember nothing in life is ever perfect. And that includes your wedding event. There will always be a better deal, a more convenient time, more reliable weather, cheaper flights, a venue with more things to do and more. It is unlikely you will ever get the perfect deal.

So don’t worry about it. Understand that you will make a few mistakes and that possibly you could have done even better. At the end of the day, provided you and your party have a great time nothing else matters. And having a great time depends on whether you are willing to have a great time and not whether you could have gotten the wedding at a $100 cheaper.

If you forgive yourself right at the very beginning of your planning stage then you will know for sure that your wedding venue will be as fabulous as you had wished for. Because you know it’s not a mistake at all, but the event that you always wished for.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Well actually don’t even sweat the big stuff. Take all of your wedding planning in your stride and work to do the best you can and sit back to enjoy the ride once you have done so. By being relaxed and happy on your special occasion you will already be the perfect bride and groom experiencing the perfect wedding.

Read more about weddings and wedding venues at Wedding Venues in Yorkshire website.

8 Quick points in favour of Destination Weddings

2 500 year old Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

2 600 year old Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as Great Dragon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Some pros for Destination Weddings
As with everything in life,  destination weddings have their pros and cons. Consider them all before deciding on this option for your wedding venue. A quick overview of these 8 positive points for an away wedding will be sufficient for you to get an idea whether your search for wedding venues should stay in the UK or whether you should plan an off shore celebration.

Your 8 Quick points

  1. It saves time. Many wedding venues offer turnkey events. That means everything is included from the space for the ceremony to the photographer. It’s all under one roof and the only worry you will have is whether to go for the deluxe or the basic option. Whatever these may be for the venue you are checking.
  2. No need for obsessive planning. Especially a small wedding will take no time at all to put together. Invite people, advise of destination, negotiate a good deal for the group and you are ready to go.
  3. Less stress. With the planning pared down to a minimum and huge time savings due to turnkey solutions you are left with no stress at all. Everything will be presented to you and you just need to tick off your choices.
  4. Money can go further. This is true especially when deciding on South East Asia. A wedding in Vietnam for instance and the stay over will be low especially if you are prepared to stay in a less than 5 star hotel. Or what about Myanmar where your tourist dollars will be even more welcome and the temples will offer a different ceremony altogether.
  5. Choose your climate. That is the wonderful part about destination weddings. Getting married in romantic Casablanca in summer? You will not have rain. Of course you will need to be sure you have air conditioning.
  6. Nature does the decorating. If your away wedding is located in a scenic place such as a Thai or Hawaiian beach resort, or Greek island, your venue will decorate itself with the flowers of the seasons and area. Just add guests.
  7. Different cultures. Add the experience of a different culture to your wedding celebration. This will add colour, sights and sounds, never mind smells to the entire experience contributing its own special magic to the fun of the event.
  8. Mixed marriage. Whether embarking on a cross cultural union, or same sex one, perhaps even a cross racial one, getting away from it all could be the perfect solution to avoid strained relations with relatives and friends.

Are these points enough?
Are these points enough to make you decide on a destination wedding? Of course there are other things to consider. Can your guests afford the time away from work and the travel and stay over costs especially if you can’t afford to pay for everybody.

Do you have time to enjoy your destination beyond the wedding for a honeymoon or do you need to be back at work sooner. And much more. But the above will give you some quick pointers to consider.

Check list for a Destination Wedding

Rio de Janeiro in the Evening. Romantic Destination Wedding city. Image credit: Global Sherpa

Rio de Janeiro in the Evening. Romantic Destination Wedding city. Image credit: Global Sherpa

Good check list to get you going
Whether getting married at a wedding venue in Yorkshire, United Kingdom or choosing a destination wedding in other parts of England or even outside the country here is a great check list to go by when planning your choice of wedding venues.

  • Decide whether a Destination Wedding is the right choice for you.
  • Choose a range of possible dates and check these against holidays, season and availability of your most important guests.
  • Consider where you want to go to and check for seasons, weather, and options available.
  • Draw up your guest list and decide which people you have to have attend and which are nice to have. Work around the people you really want to join you.
  • Pick a place where you ceremony can be held and the place where you can stay. It could of course be the same.
  • Send out a Save the Date message.
  • Once you have chosen the destination make your arrangements for travel and for the celebration.
  • Check if the chosen venue can provide everything. If not, see if you can arrange an event planner or consider going early to organise the event yourself.
  • Decide on the type of ceremony and reception you want and plan accordingly.
  • Now is the time to start considering your dress.
  • Decide on photography and video and arrange for a suitable professional to be available.
  • Plan group activities beside your wedding ceremony for you and your guests.
  • Pack and travel to the location.
  • Relax and enjoy every minute of the experience.

Start your wedding planning now
Of course the above check list can be itemised more and there are great online tools available for wedding planning. However, the above list can get you going to start with and when it comes to destination weddings deciding on the location is the main task ahead of you. With so many different destinations available world wide it is really difficult to decide on the best one for you. Good luck.

A Destination Wedding Could be for You

Destination wedding venue. Image Credit: Colin Miller, Bridal Guide

Destination wedding venue. Image Credit: Colin Miller, Bridal Guide

What is meant by a Destination Wedding?
A destination wedding is a ceremony and wedding reception held at a wedding venue located away from where the bride and groom call their home. It always involves travel for the wedding party and their guests.

Whether choosing a beach hotel, mountain ski resort, romantic vineyards, a cruise ship or European castle just to mention a few, a destination wedding could be the option for you. It’s all about being a wedding away.

More your own
A destination wedding allows the couple to establish all the rules. Whereas hometown weddings tend to follow a set of traditions determined by family, culture and religious beliefs a destination wedding does not. It’s all for the bride and groom to determine.

If your family is a strong influence in your life you could end up having a wedding that is far beyond what you would like for your special day. One way of resolving endless conflict and confrontation could be to move the wedding away from home.

It’s easier on the budget
Contrary to what one might think a destination wedding can be easier on the budget. Saving on outfits such as an expensive dress and bridesmaids gowns, doing away with elaborate cakes and dinners could be end up being quite substantial.  In general paring the event down to a fun and simple celebration can be a great saving.

Overall destination weddings tend to be more casual. Their emphasis is on relaxing, sharing events and having fun. After your ceremony guests can partake in a range of activities as provided by the venue. A beach wedding venue could offer water sports, horse riding along the beach, beach volley and snorkeling. Whereas a mountain retreat could offer hiking, mountain climbing and kiting activities to your wedding party.

Especially great for second weddings
A destination wedding is particularly suitable to couples who might be marrying again or those following the recent trend of baby boomer weddings who are over 60 when tying the know. You might have done the walking down the aisle, cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet when you were younger.

For a second wedding a fun celebration away could be more appropraite. Besides being more appropriate, although who determines what is appropriate but yourself, perhaps for a second or third wedding it is also at least 40% less than the stay at home traditional wedding will cost.

Wedding venue with a great location
A destination wedding can provide you with the most amazing location. And that’s what it is all about. Getting married away from home means that the away part is for you the most important element. You can determine your weather, your setting, your wedding venue, decor and activities in one move. And it’s not as expensive as you think.

Themes that will brighten your wedding venues

The ultimate in Woodland Magic theme weddings. IT Celebrity Sean Parker marries the Tolkien way.

The ultimate in Woodland Magic theme weddings. IT Celebrity Sean Parker marries the Tolkien way.

Decorating ideas for your wedding venues
Thinking of decorating ideas for your wedding venue in Yorkshire, UK will probably be the most fun and at the same time the most time consuming. There are just so many great ideas that it is difficult to decide which one to go with.

For a fun budget idea try an outdoor wedding
If you are planning a country or outdoor wedding in the countryside your country theme could be the best budget assist you can think of. Throw some more plants at the venue, hire some from the local botanic gardens, put candles into brown paper bags, string some fairy lights through the shrubs and there you have it. Couldn’t be easier nor lighter on the budget.

Of course you could do a Sean Parker on the crowd as well. For US$12.5 million you too can build a movie set in the Californian countryside as a Redwood Woodland Magic theme park. Get your guests to have a costume designed by the Tolkien costume designer and allow them to party along for several days.

Love your classical music
For the classical music fans why not hire a the Royal Opera House, or any opera house for that matter, arrange for a string quartet and ask your guests to dress in garters and short breeches and ball gowns of latter years for the ladies. All is available for hire at the Opera House’s wardrobe. Nothing is more enchanting than chandeliers, some lovely red velvet and raising a gold plated goblet to toast the festivities.

Of course this could put the budget back a little. But if you have a few million of whatever developed world currency available to spend on your wedding celebration this would top the list of romantic celebrations.

A beach party
Nothing spells carefree fun and frivolous party mood as much as a beach party does. The sand, the sea a few candles, a couple of cushions, or casual chairs and tables, a barefoot bride and groom dressed in white and your beach party is set up. Throw in a bonfire or two, great music and you are bound to have a wonderful atmosphere.

Beach parties are best when celebrated at destination wedding places. Bring on a gorgeous Thailand beach resort, a Seychelles snorkeling paradise spot, a Bali beach hotel and you can’t go wrong. Work with excellent resort staff to arrange all of your requests and arrive with your wedding party to enjoy yourselves. Often not as heavy on the budget as one would expect as airlines and resorts will offer good discounts for large groups.

A museum or national art gallery
Fancy raising your glass while portraits by famous artists look on or have the Egyptian mummies in the museum as extra guests? For decor nothing beats the eccentricity of a museum exhibition. Whether fitting your decor in with the art or ancient artifacts on display, it makes your decorating efforts so much easier.

Add to what is already there or just allow the existing decor to create the atmosphere for you. Great way to break the ice and get your guests to have topics that they can chat about without having to resort to lengthy discussions on the weather.

In the end a museum wedding venue could be a cheaper option than you anticipate. The bigger venues have excellent staff to assist with organising everything you need for a good party allowing you the freedom to sit back and enjoy your special day.

Private home weddings
Put up a marquis in the garden and decorate to whatever theme your imagination can take you to. Gnomes, fairies and witches tickle your fancy? Or what about Alice in Wonderland. Perhaps a Harry Potter theme for the young in you?

Or maybe just throw lots of colours in the form of balloons, candles, swatches of fabric and flowers at your tent to create a mood. It really all depends on your budget and your imagination. Anything is possible. Of course it generally means you have to do the work yourself though. But then you have family and friends who can help. You will need them.

Have some ideas on decorating wedding venues? Share with us.

The Tradition of Wedding Receptions

Flemish Wedding. 17th Century anonymous Flemish artist.

Flemish Wedding. 17th Century anonymous Flemish artist.

How it all started
Wedding receptions in general will follow on the marriage ceremony held at a special venue or room. Receptions are generally held at wedding venues in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK which could range from a country meadow to an elaborate romantic castle setting.

But where did this tradition start?

It’s all about receiving society. That means you as husband and wife, or husband and husband and of course wife and wife nowadays are presented as a couple to your family and friends. That is presented as a couple now that you are married.

The receiving line
It means that a wedding reception is only truly a wedding reception if there is a receiving line. A welcoming party, parents and the bridal couple, wait to receive each guest who patiently wait their turn in line.

As guest you might need to introduce yourself to the person presenting you as not all guests in modern day times are known by all parties. And the lowest precedence person stands first to welcome you and to introduce you to the main parties.

In general it is the hosting parents who will be first in line although it may be that both sets of parents receive guest. In other words the bride’s parents might be the only ones to receive the guests besides the bride and groom of course. However, as couples pay for their own wedding they could be more likely to be the only ones receiving.

A grand entrance
In other cultures, for instance popular on the West Coast of the United States, the bridal party could enter to an already seated audience of their guests. A Master of Ceremonies or DJ makes the announcement of the arrival of the bridal party. This is of course a much quicker process than a receiving line.

The celebratory meal
There are many different options for the meal. There could be cake and biscuits served with tea and just a toast of champagne to accommodate the speeches and the toasts as offered up by the groom, best man and father of the bride.

On the other hand of the scale are the five course or more sit down dinners accompanied by special vintage wines and a full bar. At the end of speeches and dining the wedding cake is cut as a ceremonial gesture rather than for the cake to be consumed. Prepackaged fruit cake with icing may be distributed as keepsakes. Nowadays this has been replaced with specially packaged favours.

The first dance
The bridal couple will traditionally take part in a first dance together. This may be anything from a shuffle to a fully choreographed presentation. Once the bridal dance has been going for a while other couples, starting with the bridal party will join the dancers.

The departure by the bridal couple
An additional ceremony is often aded to the newlyweds’ departure. Rice or confetti signifying abundance is scattered over the heads of the departing couple. And in some cultures the bride will throw her bouquet to the waiting single women in the party. The person catching it will be considered to be the next person to marry.

Likewise the groom will take the garter of the bride and throw it to the bachelors at the wedding signifying that the catcher will be the next to find a bride.

In most cases the wedding will slowly start to finish after the main couple have left the reception. But there are also occasions where the wedding party will continue long into the night especially if many young people are present and having a good time.

Let your Fall Wedding Venues be Warm with Colour

Pantone Fall 2013 Colours

Pantone Fall 2013 Colours

The perfect wedding venue in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK has been found and the space is available in autumn? This is your opportunity to go mad with warm colours. Whether planning your wedding dress and bridesmaids matching outfits or the decor for the reception and ceremony venue go with warm colours. Those fall days lend themselves to atmospheres created with mellow themes.

Fall colours in the outfits
Decide amongst Pantone’s Fall 2013 colours. There’s Emerald, Mykono Blue, Samba, Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Acai, Vivacious and more. Each one will add it’s own range of warmth to your decor.

Starting with your dress go with the modern trend of moving away from white or shades thereof. Try something really strong such as an emerald ornate ballroom gown. Tina Turner went for a wonderful ball gown when she married her man and asked her guests to come in white and black. Try something new.

Tina Turner marries.

Tina Turner marries.

As for the groom, a mykonos blue suit with acai coloured tie or samba waistcoat, dark hat, checked jacket, emerald greens in the posy will match your shades of autumn gown.

Matching your bridesmaids to your autumn gown is not difficult. Floral fabric is currently on trend so splash out on some autumn flavoured dresses for your bridesmaids. Pick up your dark dress in head bands or in the bouquets they carry. Or perhaps in the shoes, posies pinned to the dress or a emerald corsage. The choices are limitless.
Wedding venue decor
These fall colours lend themselves to a wonderfully romantic vibe. Emeralds, blues, pale greens, rusty reds for drapes, table linen, flower decorations or candles and so much more. If you can add the warm glow of wooden furniture or props to the colour you will have a spectacular look and feel to your special event.

Use your fall colours for everything else
An emerald green theme to the wedding cake? Why not. Take the colour through to your print items such as your invitation mail, table seating cards and don’t forget your website design too. What about a fabulous emerald coach drawn by horses to carry the bride to the church and the couple to the wedding venue.

No end in sight
The sky’s the limit. And only your imagination will be in the way when you work with these wonderful warm autumn colours for your wedding outfits, the wedding venue decor and your ceremony venue. Have as much fun planning your wedding as on the day itself.

Decorating Wedding Venues – best Colour Choices for the Seasons

Let the Seasons determine the decor for your wedding venues

Most weddings are held in summer, with 31%, and spring and fall hover around the 23/24% for wedding receptions. If you are a bride or groom planning your wedding in these seasons here are some tips on colours that will go with your chosen time of the year.

Whether woodland hues, rich earth tones or light pastels, let the season of your wedding help you with your colour palette. In particular these colour choices will serve you will if your wedding will be held outdoors.

Crisp spring colours. Courtesy of The Perfect Palette

Crisp spring colours. Courtesy of The Perfect Palette

Decor for spring themed wedding venues
Here are some gorgeous colours choices. Try lavender with amethyst and the hint of green. Or what about rosy pinks, gray-blue and turquoise.

Dress your bridesmaids in peach tones, add lavender and finish off with creamy yellow. Or try sage green, twilight blue and lavender for another wonderful spring combination.

Gorgeous summer colours. Courtesy The Perfect Palette

Gorgeous summer colours. Courtesy The Perfect Palette

Decor for summer themed wedding venues
Summer weddings can really be swathed in any colour. But here are some lovely combinations. Try blue-based purple, clean white and turquoise for a cool and sophisticated look.

Or combine vibrant coral, hot pink and deep violet for a warmer summery look. There’s also gorgeous peach, cherry-pink and custard yellow for truly summer colours. And for something different combine blue-green with citrus-orange and rose.

Warm autumn colours. Courtesy of the Perfect Palette

Warm autumn colours. Courtesy of the Perfect Palette

Decor for autumn themed wedding venues
Planning an autumn reception and not sure what colours to go with try some of these. Deep taupe, olive green and chocolate brown will create a lovely colour palette for your event. For something even warmer mix terra cotta, rich brown and lavender pink.

For something that represents autumn as we know it try aubergine, olive green and espresso brown. And for another striking colour combination mix sepia brown, wistful gray and taupe.

Decor ideas
Use the above colour combinations when decorating your venue and church. Use them in the bride’s bouquet and splash them across your bridesmaid’s dresses in strong or milder colours. Pick up one or all of them in the groom’s and his entourage button hole and posies and suggest the same colours for the parents to follow too.

Picking up the colours of the season you will be getting married in will create a whole look that blends your season, the light that is available during that time of the year and the look at nature is offering up to you. A truly wonderful combination.

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