Wonderful Yorkshire Wedding Venues in the Countryside

St Wilfred, South Stainley, North Yorkshire

St Wilfred, South Stainley, North Yorkshire

A Travel Destination winner – Yorkshire, UK
Yorkshire, UK was the recent Travel Destination Award winner at the international travel convention. If you are planning a destination wedding Yorkshire could just provide you the best amongst wedding venues in the United Kingdom. Consider it.

Yorkshire Countryside is special
No wonder Yorkshire is called God’s Own Country. It deserves this name. Yorkshire has everything you might want. Rolling meadows, spectacular rocks, a varied coastline, romantic ruins in run wild gardens and national parks to wander through.

Whether you are considering a spring or summer wedding and even autumn you are bound to find a countryside that will be suitable for the mood you are looking to create. Perhaps even the snowy vales of winter might be something to consider. In fact Yorkshire could be where you might want to be all year round when it comes to planning a wedding.

A countryside wedding
Nothing spells romance quite as much as going back to olden day roots. Everybody will have some kind of farming tradition in their family. Whether it is only one generation back or perhaps even four, but there’s a farmer lurking in the family.

Getting back to those roots for your wedding can be both romantic as well as a lot of fun. Not only that it can also be cost-effective. Scrap the expensive flowers and decorating ideas. Bring on local grown daisies, milk cans to use for your flower arrangements, pull up a tractor for special atmosphere and let the odd cow or lamb amble past.

Using the surroundings to create your mood is one of the more cost-effective ways of creating a wedding venue full of charm and happiness. Any colour will be suitable. Buttercup yellow to go with home grown daffodils, or purples for lilies, reds for roses or green & wood just to keep it country themed are all great ones for making your country wedding venue come alive.

For a country wedding. Image credit Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

For a country wedding. Image credit Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

Country church
Not only is the country side so easy to use for your background but you will also find those precious country churches with a friendly vicar and a hidden talent of an organist could be just the right spot for your ceremony.

Lovely old country churches are usually intimate and will require minimal decorating to make them look festive. Use the local village meadow or hall as your venue for the wedding reception and involve the whole village in your celebration. It will be an event to remember.

Finding wedding venues in Yorkshire
It will be easy to find a selection of gorgeous wedding venues in Yorkshire if looking to marry in the country side. Look around for a lovely village church and your are bound to find all other amenities such as florists, caterers and wedding transport for a special celebration.